Lavendel Garden I & II

LG 1: 2014
LG 2: 2015

Demir Bau GmbH

Lavendelweg, Frodshamstr. 

gross floor space_
2 x  3.950 m2

2 condominiums in a housing estate with 25 apartments each ranging from 70 m2 to 125 m2

stages 4 – 8


The development contains of 2 apartment complexes. Each complex consists of 25 apartments.
Their floor areas ranging from 70 to 125 m2.

We prepared permit applications and city planning permissions for the developer Demir Bau GmbH. Based on the permit authorisation we developed the detailed design and construction planning as well as construction supervision. The first complex was completed in April 2014 and the apartments were handed over to their new owners on schedule.

The designed floor plans are either a three or four unit dwelling. The apartments are connected though the northern staircase and elevator. The living areas are orientated towards the south since they all contain a large balcony - with the exception of the ground floor units, they come with a small garden. The apartments’ features reflect the suburb’s living standards as consequence of the developer’s accuracy and emphasis on details.
All apartments have underfloor heating systems, full length triple-glazed windows and are barrier-free. With further construction the penthouses can be made wheelchair accessible if required.

The building was built to the energy efficiency KfW 70 standards with condensing boilers and a solar system on the roof for process water heating.