Reception with high security safetly glass 


hpg architekten 
Building Authority Frankfurt am Main

City Hall
Frankfurt am Main

gross floor space_
70 m2

high security reception hall

stages 5 - 8


The existing entrance was still from the 1970's and therefore not up to par with modern requirements for communication and safetly. In course of a fire safety upgrade the ventilation system, ceiling and entrances were also modified.

To create maximum transparency the new reception counter was placed between the entrance and foyer. Despite the massive security requirements the complete reception counter is surrounded by frameless safety glass from the company Sitec. 
The selection of materials and surfaces occured in close cooperation with the city's heritage department. The counter was furnished with cement fibre board and real wood veneer with inserted brass profiles. The walnut veneer's colour was adjusted to match the existing door's colour towards the Kaisersaal. All materials used have a B1 - low flammability - Quality Standard. 

The old black slate floor was removed to lay a new underfloor heating syste in the entrance area. The existing floor in the Wandelhalle 'Cannstatter Travertin' was also reused for the entrance. The continuous flooring connects the entrance and foyer seamlessly which also underlines the spaciousness. The ceiling in the entrance was designed by a professional lighting designer. The surrounding integrated light strip gives the ceiling the appearance that it's floating. The lighting effects can be programmed and the settings controlled by the porters. By Mrs. Roth's request the main doors open inwards, as the "City Hall welcomes its citizens". This emphasises the design concept, yet challenged us in regards to fire safety regulations.

After meetings with the heritage department and Prof. Christoph Mäkler the outer jambs of the window's arches were replicated out of Main-Sandstone following the historical architecture of the 1920's.