passive house construction - design for day care centres


city day care centres Frankfurt am Main 

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Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurter Berg

gross floor space_
1.310 m2

kindergarden with an integrated nursery and after-school day care

stages 6 - 8


After thorough inspections by the Building Authority Frankfurt the department came to the conclusion that the 50 year old building wasn't suitable for renovation.
The design for the new building provides sufficient space on two levels for a kindergarden with an integrated nursery and an after-school day care program. A special feature is the wide projecting roof supported by large lark pillars, opening the facade up towards the south. The large overhanging roof provides shade to the group rooms and ensures shaded play areas on the wide balcony that also doubles as the emergency exit route.
The surplus energy efficient design is part of Frankfurt's pilot project for building new and efficient day care centres.