Youth Culture Centre "JuKuZ" in Mörfelden


City of Mörfelden-Walldorf

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gross floor space_
835 m2

Youth Culture Centre

stage 8

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The design consists of a one story structure with a total floor area of 835 m2. The building's shape automatically results from the triangular shaped premises. The design develops along the property lines, pushing the building in the west corner of the premises. In doing this a large open space is created towards the east.

A parking lot, garage and an open courtyard surrounded by walls are situated at the rear corner of the build. The design opens itself up towards the east with a welcoming glass facade and a roofed terrace. The incoming street and the large open area also point towards the building's inviting glass front facade.

The centre's auditorium is located right behind the entrance. It is used for functions and as an open meeting space. A folding wall system seperates the auditorium along with the cloakroom, rest rooms, reception office and stock room can be seperated from the rest of the Youth Culture Centre to accomodate third party events by a folding wall system.