conversion of an office building to residential properties


Korn Liegenschaften

Eschborner Landstr. 52 - 54
Frankfurt am Main

gross floor space_
2.800 m2

28 units with apartments ranging from  48 m2 to 92 m2

stages 4 - 8


In April 2014 we were contracted by Korn Liegenschaften to convert their recently purchased property from offices to apartments. Korn Liegenschaften had acquired the building with the city's permission to convert the business site to a residential one. After adding small details to the original design (balconies instead of winter gardens) our firm was in charge of calculating costs, requesting tenders and the construction planning.

The former office building was turned into 28 two to three bedroom apartments and a commercial unit in the corner of the ground floor. The building was renovated and built to the energy efficiency 100 standards. The new external building envelope consists of insulated triple glazed windows and a 140mm thick TICS (thermal insulation composite system). The prefabricated balconies were made out of powder coated aluminium profiles.