Interior upgrade to an old apartment in Frankfurt Westend



Frankfurt am Main

gross floor space_
450 m2

exclusive interior fixtures to an entire heritage apartment floor

stages 2+3, 5 - 8



In June 2008 we were contracted to design a 350mspacious apartment in Westend Frankfurt. The space originally consisted of an approx. 200m2 older part that had been built during the 'Gründerzeit' period (19th century). The remaining 150m2 was a newer part that had been built post-WW II. Both areas are connected through a joint hall. The idea was to connect the dissimilar spaces and convert the seperate areas into one cohesive room.

The result is a 30 meter long built-in cabinet that can be utilised from both sides.The built-in connects both the old and new space with each other while at the same time catering to each area's specific needs. The older part accomodates the private living areas (master bedroom, children's bedroom, bathrooms and a seperate room for an au-pair) while the newer part accomodates  the semi-private rooms (living room, guest bedroom, lavatory, kitchen and dining hall).

The materials were all selected in close communication with our client after being sampled on site. For the semi-private areas a large-sized tile was laid on top of an underfloor heating system. For the private quarters a cherry wood parquet was selected. The room dividing cabinet was made of veneered mahogany panels and abstains from visible handles. The recessed grip is plated with an aluminium strip. The resulting horizontal structure is a key feature that emphasises the length of the space. The structure changes from a positive to negatve in the hallway. In this area the structure is built out of mahogany solid wood strips.
All rooms are equipped with an air conditioner hidden above the plasterboard ceiling.