8 apartments with a separate storage area and parking spaces


in process of planning


Frankfurt am Main

gross floor space_
650 m2

8 apartments,
ranging from 30 m2 to 50 m2

stages 1 - 2


End of 2014 we received an assignment from a well-known Frankfurter Apple Wine Company to design an apartment complex on the neighboring property bordering their own.

We didn’t want our design to merely be a copy of all the surrounding old historic houses and fit into the old rural structure. But rather be a new and modern apartment building opening itself up towards the sunny south. Yet at the same time it should be a bit hidden and still incorporate itself into the village’s old style. This idea resulted in the building’s main body being moved 1,2 metres away from the company’s cellars so that the beautiful old fire wall can feature along side the resulting outdoor corridor.

The frame which opens toward the south is covered with wooden slat panels incorporating its detailed surroundings. To ensure enough space for the carport the main building was raised up a level so that the carport can easily fit below the first floor apartments.