Europe's smallest chamber music hall


building authority Frankfurt am Main

jo.franzke architekten

Frankfurt am Main

gross floor space_
244 m2

museum, concert hall

stages 6 -8

heritage listed_


The Kuhhirtenturm (engl. cow herding tower) has a rich history, dating back to the middel ages. Between 1923 and Hindemith's convocation to Berlin, the Hanau-born compser lived and worked in the tower. After being partially destroyed in 1943 the tower has since the 1950s been used by the neighboring building and youth centre.

Within the course of the urban developments in Sachsenhausen the city of Frankfurt offered to dedicare the modernized Kuhhirtenturm to the composer's life works. In cooperation with the Foundation Hindemith the city planned a memorial with an exhibition area. In close coordination and collaberation with the office for the preservation of heritage listed buildings, as well as the conservator Mr. Engel and the cathedral master builder Mr. Sommer further planning was implemented. It was clear to all parties that the restoration of the tower would be in reference to the 1920s, the time in which Hindemith lived there.

In spring 2010 Jo Franzke offered us to take part in the project as freelance architects on the stages 6 - 8. As planned by Jo.Franzke architekten we restored the delicate details from Hindemith's era. This also meant restoring the roof after it had been renovated in 1958 to look like a historic half timbered construction. The wooden board flooring and staircase were also refurbished while meeting fire protection requirements as well as the historical preservation.