Children's day care centre St.Thomasgemeinde


prot. Regional Church District (ERV)

eisele staniek +

Frankfurt am Main

gross floor space_
950 m2

new construction of a day care centre

stage 8


The old day care facility was torn down. Therefore the protestant St.Thomasgemeinde received a newly built day care centre in Heddernheim's town centre. This made it possible to increase the cay care's capacity from 80 to 102 spots.
The new building is located between the church community's existing buildings and offers two asymmetrically shaped stories. The shape is a result of the site's geometry: the narrow premises and its resulting boarder margins, as well as two large plane trees that were preserved. The facility's group room were places around these trees. The new day care offers space for six group rooms, three of which are on the ground level and three of which are on the upper level. A special feature is the 300
m2 large rooftop terrace which makes up for the limited outdoor area.