realisation of a new residential dwelling



Stein Hemmes Wirtz 

Triftstr. 19a
Frankfurt am Main, Niederrad

gross floor space_
approx.. 570 m2

new build with multiple apartments

stages 6 - 8


The project is a development in Frankfurt Niederrad. The property is located in the immediate vacinity of the Frankfurter racecourse and future DFB Academy.
Stein Hemmes Wirtz's design proposes the demolition of the existing residential house and the build of a new multiple dwelling consisting of 7 units.

Capturing old structures along both streets, Triftstraße and Schwarzwaldstraße, the design stays true to scale to its surroundings. The unsolved corner situation of the existing building is resolved in the new design by changing the orientation of the building along Trfistraße and rounding off the corner to fit the street course.

Both upper mezzanine floors are designed as a maisonette. The units' layouts are flexible and can also be devided to accompany new tenant's or buyer's individual wishes.

Begin of construction: October 2017
Completion: October 2018