competition: multiple dwellings in Rüsselsheim

late 2019

gewobau Rüsselsheim

Baur & Latsch Architekten

Frankfurter Str. 41, Taunusstr. 11, Waldstr. 30, Rüsselsheim

gross floor space_
6.250 m2

innovative new build in midst of a high density residential area

Thaler Latsch Architekten stages 2-4
Baur & Latsch Architekten stages 5+
+ architekten stages 6-9 


By the end of 2019 we are realizing a project on the basis of the winning design by Baur & Latsch from Munich. Their design consists of 7 new residential buildings with 49 apartments on a 3.162 m2 large property.

Baur & Latsch's design proposeal to develop the build along the existing fire walls complements the quarter and suits its infrastructure.
The buildings' levels orientate themselves towards the surrounding cultivation and are to scale with the local area.
The presently ripped up streetscape will be closed by the beneficial layout and orienation of the buildings. The facade reacts sensible in regards to the public spaces by having a cohesive brick facade. The public area is improved while at the same time the private spaces are protected from public view. Thanks to the new layout the courts between the buildings are diverse and maintain a cosy atmosphere when walking through. 

An underground car park containing 51 parking spaces as well as all necessary functional areas will be built underneath the residential complexes.
Because of the restricted spatial conditions the build must be done in 3 construction phases.