Future Killesberg: Forum K


awarding authority_
Fürst Development GmbH, Munich


gross floor space_

2. Place
in cooperation with fnp architekten Stuttgart

competition phases 1 + 2


First Phase
The design fits into the outlying linear development and the freely arranged housing development towards the park.
The proportions of the surroundings influence the scale of the deisgn.
The quarter is developed around a base plane that is structured in three parts:
A wall at the edge of the green 'belt' defines the private areas without enclosing it too much. Along the wall you can find stairs and ramps that access the residential quarters. To ensure an unimpeded view of the park, the higher level buildings are places strategicly. The paths are all part of the diverse system of streets and alley ways.
A long ramp connects the quarter's square with the various grassed areas. The open space's hierarchy is clearly devided into the public park, the semi-public quarter square and the private residential courtyards.

"The design shows a high quality contribution in regards to urban development and the potential the contemporary vibrant district has." - Jury evaluation

Second Phase
During the revision of our initial design entry the goal was to include the culteral and local character (Weißenhof Estate,  Academy of Fine Arts and the Höhenpark). Image and future marketing campaigns could profit form that. 
During the review our original urban development objectives weren't altered. The first phase included the academy's extension with a hotel tower. Which is visible from a distance and marks its location from afar. 
The 140m long main structure is the design's integrating element. It links all surrounding buildings. 
The residential complex creates manifold public areas. These are minimalistically designed with a clear structure and a reduced usage of material.