Conversion of an office complex

to exclusive art deco inspired Condominiums

onyx - first class living westend


K S W Verwaltungs GmbH & Co.

Frankfurt am Main

gross floor space_

15 story residential complex



In late 2011 we were invited to present our design in the competition for designing the building's foyer, as well as its hallways and elevator lobbies. The brief was to create a foyer inspired by the era of 1920s.

Our design removes part of the ceiling over the main entrance to represent 1920's architecture. This leads to a larger space around the main pillar. Also it has the effect of implementing natural overhead lighting. The existing ribbed concrete cilings were incorperated in the design. The details are all representative of the art deco theme: 

Art Decoratifs furnishing and fitting
The variation of design elements from different origins defines both versions. One of the main features are the chrome, silver, gold and bronze fittings in combination with fine timbers such as Riopalisander (Brazilian rose wood), Mahagoni and Ebony. The colour selections for the floor, wall and ceiling surfaces emphasize the luxurious concept.
Exclusive flooring such as fitted carpets, Padomo Flor and scraped epoxy resin surfaces are all a possible choices as well as polished concrete floors (bitu-terrazzo floors). Wooden flooring is available in Oak or Douglas fir treated in different timber oils.
The bathroom and guest toilet's wall surfaces will be treated with a mixture of high quality mosaic and smoothing techniques. 
Ceilings covered with opaque glass elegantly illuminate the art deco details while further individual lighting complements the lighting concept.

Alternative Cabineti
The central idea is the seperation of space by using room deviders out of furnitre rather than walls. The adjoining rooms, e.g. bathrooms, kitchen blocks, walk-in wardrobes and cupboards, are integrated in these furniture objects.
Luxurious surfaces like fine timbers and polished stone add to the exclusive concept. Alternatively other surfaces such as Pandomo Wall or glass partitions are possible. The overall concept demands clean lines combined with sharp edges that join together. CHrome and gold metal applications complement the elegance of the design and embellish the walls.

Alternative Cubic
The central idea is to develop a layout that allows to place 'cubes' freely into the spaces ('rooms in rooms'). The constraining points such as installation and ventilation shafts are integrated in these cubes. The aim is to open up the living area visually and create an inviting atmosphere.
Lighting coves aroung the cubes' edges highlight the shapes while simultaneously emphasizing the geometrical aesthetic.