UTZ - Centre for innovation for environmental technologies


WISTA Management GmbH


gross floor space_
22.000 m2

new build of the centre of innovation for environmental technologies (UTZ)

stages 1 - 8
stage 8 HARMS + Partner, Hannover


The UTZ is located in Berlin-Adlersdorf and is the centre for innovative businesses in the environmental technology industry. 

The project was the foundation for merging the firms 'eisele + fritz', as well as 'Helmutt Bott' to 'eisele fritz bott hilka begemann'.

The brief was to develop a horizontal and vertical infrastructure system that guaranteed short walking distances between core areas.

The meander shaped laout is supposed to provide affordable and flexible lab and office spaces to innovative businesses. The building should also reflect this innovation within its deisgn and construction. The specially developed hollow ceilings (vierendeel structure) with a gross height of 150cm contain the lab's and office's complete infrastructures: all mediums (air, gas, water, electricity,... ) fit into the ceiling and can be changed or axpanded during operating hours without disturbing any third parties either above or below the rental space. At night the ventilation ducts are opened for air flow. This nightly cooling reduces the ceiling's temperature by 8°C while it cools down the rental space's temperature by 5°C (hypocaust system). There are no central  beams that need to support the structure. The specially developed flexible aluminium blinds can be mechanically adjusted depending on the individual needs of that area or office.
The lobby is equipped with suspended windows. The structural reinforced concrete supports serve as the substructure for the photovoltaic system. The PV-system generates power as well as providing shade. Innovative thin polycrystalline film modules (translucent silicon cell technology) were used in this design for the first time by the american company Astropower.
In the course of the outdoor facility planning a rain water recycling plant was included.