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all stages of HOAI
(German Fee Structure for Architects and Engineers)

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Eduard Pilz has established profound expertise in the areas of wooden structures, energy efficent passive house buildings, construction physics as wel as building construction thanks to his background as a professional carpenter before becomeing an architect. Due to his knowledge we can offer our skilled services on the whole range of timber and timber frame construction. This includes planning and realisation.

Originally a trained construction draftsman at Wayss and Freiytag at the age of 17, Rainer Hilka now has 35 years of experience and brings along a vast pool of knowledge. His expertise reflects tranquility and composure which is much appreciated by our clients. 

It would be our pleasure to take on the role as project manager and mediator for your project. We are specialized in taking over unfinished or already commenced building projects during any stage.

§35 HOAI - building planning
new builds, renovations, restorations, also heritage preservation, energetic restorations, single dwellings, double dwellings and multiple dwellings, multi-level wellings, office buildings, functional buildings

§35 HOAI - Interior spaces
shops, offices, design, interiors, cafés, bars, medical practices

§43 HOAI - Civil Engineering Structures in coordination with structures engineers
bridges, underpasses