Rainer Hilka + Eduard Pilz

Heidi Salles

student assistant_


In 1988 Rainer Hilka and his fellow student Gerd Begemann founded their first architecture firm 'Hilka + Begemann' in Frankfurt.
1996 the two firms 'Eisele + Fritz' with Prof. Helmut Bott from Darmstadt and 'Hilka + Begemann' from Frankfurt merged into 'ef+'.
A few years later in 1999 these gentlemen went their seperate ways which resulted in the offices '54f' and 'Architektursalon' emerging with Eisele + Staniek and Fritz + Hilka.
Later in 2008 the collaboration between Prof. Fitz and Mr. Hilka came to an end.
From there on out Rainer Hilka enganged in freelance work for Jo Franzke Architects, as well as for HGP Architects in Frankfurt, before founding + architekten with Eduard Pilz in 2011.
Up until today + architekten operates throughout the whole Rhein-Main-Area with enormous success and know-how.