Rainer Hilka + Eduard Pilz


We are plus-architekten.

Our identity is built on communication and exchange between business partners, dedication to our craft anf the persuit of designing great architecture for the sake of architecture. Ideally that is our expectation towards our occupation.

Our understanding of architecture is that it shouldn't be seperated from interation with its linked fields in the industry. Being able to create succeddful architecture requires communication and an excessive exchange of knowledge between architects, engineers, project and construction site managers, technicians and builders. Their involvementand interaction with the project must never be seperated from our work.

Sadly over the years the strong separation between these professional groups has led architects of today to focus soley on their creative role. Yet at the same time a civil engineer will be set on his calculating skills. All in all, this leads to neglecting architectural exploration and pushes experimenting to the background.

"What people are within, the buildings express without." Louis Sullivan, 1924

architekten is commited to designing, exploring and creating architecture with that principal in mind. Our strengths are our long-time experience in all architectural fields, the willingness to cooperate with our business partners, the sensitivity we possess approaching new projects and the undying devotion we dedicate to creating architecture.
We can assure our clients security insofar as budgets, timelines and designs are concerned.
Our education and experience results in us being able to cover all architectural work stages according to HOAI (German fee structure for architects and engineers) without having to outsource. In today's world that is a huge benefit for all involved parties.